• Sunday, September 10, 2017

    Why you need to learn JavaScript today in the fastest time

    JavaScript is a programming language high-level multi-platform support programming can oriented ,small snack size and a chain handle and the most famous is it's the language of the client side any used in the design of interfaces to websites, but in fact able to perform many of the tasks code and striking about this wonderful language it is prepared by more than 85 % of the world sites .

    In can use JavaScript :

    As we said earlier, you can use JavaScript in programming almost anything you can use to control the elements, interfaces and websites as you can that you can use with node.js build a dynamic website complete with databases without the need to any programming language or you can use them with framework adobe phonegap to build applications for hybrid on the faith of the partition at the same time code one as well as the use of Framework apps build software running on linux,windows and mac code one and keep the list is long ... .

    Why do I have to use the JavaScript language :

    -Ease her , her safety in dealing with libraries and other languages in addition to their speed, which compete with the c in their latest version, v8.
    -The possibility of building dynamic sites full without the need for other programming language(html and css not the language software).
    -The base to use the big and more than 85% of the Web sites you use .
    -Available on the its thousands of offices and frameworks, such as the library of jQuery the famous and the framework angularjs from Google and react js from Facebook..... And that makes the work easier what can and very fast .
    -Spread rapidly they are now in seventh place after it was ranked ninth according to the location of tube .

    All what we have mentioned of the capabilities of JavaScript is a very simple part all you have to do is start to learn and unleash yourself .