• Sunday, September 10, 2017

    Learn more 10 technology companies richer around the world

    Many always think of it as breeding and technology companies big occasion such as Apple, Samsung and many other companies in this blog, I will review more 10 companies in terms of profits and success

    1 - Apple giant the US is the largest technology company in terms of profits where the profits of the Apple company per year to more than $ 215 million
    The highest income to buy technology around the world and Apple in producing smartphones and Computers, Software, etc...

    2 - Samsung the Korean company the largest come in second for this list and the profits of Samsung to $ 200 million a year
    The company is planning in the smart phones, electronics and a number of its products to more than 60 products

    3 - Foxconn in second place under the Foxconn company the third largest income to buy technology around the world and up to more than $ 140 million
    Annually the company specializes in the manufacture of basic materials like electronic are not design, and hardware task Foxconn is a clone Widget
    For example, the company manufactures the PlayStation 4 doesn't mean she has it made in the beginning is a Sony it is just manufactured another version of it

    4 - Amazon
    is a giant online shopping and entered the Amazon annual to more than $ 135 million which is the highest income to buy
    Trade online around the world the company operates also in cloud computing and digital distribution

    5 - HP (hp) the income company (hp) of the annual equivalent of 118 billion USD, topping the company on the biggest sales around the world
    Personal computers and the company in the computer systems and software equipment of the computer in addition to a lot of products

    6 - Microsoft fleet software where income of up Microsoft to 85 billion dollars per annum the company operates in Computer Software
    And distribution of digital assets and computer and consumer electronics among the most prominent of its products Windows, office, Skype, Xbox etc...)

    7 - IBM IBM describes the annual income of this company to the equivalent of $ 82 million annually the company plans in the industry of computing services
    Hardware and software products and the data centers

    8. the alphabet
    is a company established in 2015 it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin the two founders of Google Inc. the web income of the company
    Annual to $ 75 million and the company in the Internet industry, programming, and communications equipment, health care, etc.

    9 - delle technology where the annual income of this company to $ 74 million in 2016 has been the merger between the company deal with the company EMC
    And became the name of the company Dell, EMC and the company in personal computers and business solutions

    10 - Sony and the annual income to the giant Japanese to more than 67 million USD and the company the personal computing industry
    Electronic devices and most of their products the gap smartphones and personal computers and PlayStation in addition to trade online .