• Thursday, July 6, 2017

    The United States of America will the ban on electronics in flights coming from Istanbul

    Turkish Airlines on 4 July 2017 the United States will lift the ban on electronics on flights coming to Istanbul in preparation of the next day.

    Wherein said ilker AISI Chairman of the airline, told reporters in Istanbul that "as of today, we have to ban another, and another crisis behind".

    Will the officials of the security the Americans inspections of the security in Ataturk Airport in Istanbul before his first trip to New York on July 5, 2017 morning day said the Office of the press for the airline.
    Reported news agency New China that Turkey started using the devices computed tomography of the U.S. for the export of baggage on the basis of tested in June.

    And Washington have banned in March last devices larger than a smartphone on board flights to the US from 10 airports in eight countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, referring to the threat of bombs hidden in electronics. The United States raised for the first time the ban on flights to and from Abu Dhabi on 2 July 2017.

    This report comes after to be revealed the United States on June 28, 2017 for enhanced security measures for flights to the country aimed at preventing the expansion of the ban inside the cabin on the laptops. To affect these actions on 325 thousand passengers, about two thousand commercial flight arrive daily to the United States, on the 180 airline of the 280 airports in 105 countries. Quickly followed Britain's suit with a similar set of restrictions.