• Sunday, May 21, 2017

    How do i start a business?

    How do i start a business
    How do i start a business
               Many in the current time of a lack of resources and poor infrastructure, so that the governmental jobs and other its payroll is not enough to shoulder the expenses of the entire family, and here they must find other ways to provide the capabilities for the well-off society, there are many good reasons to open the work of the particular us :

    how to start a business project?

    • You have to ask yourself about the need that you want to open your project, if your need is urgent,  and select your steps carefully, and work to identify expenses that you need, and does not start before you have adequate capital, make the owner hates work, because the return in the beginning will pacify the creditor, you are working for.

    I Muni, many of the people who have started various projects, they left because they did not find what they wanted from the outset, the work you love encourages you to complete the work

    Your project must be appropriate to the region in which they live, or where your project will be open, because the place was not appropriate, the failure will be your ally, God willing, you can not open a shop selling electrical appliances, in the area did not have electricity.

    The idea of your project must be clear, it must determine where the benefit of the project carefully, and do not underestimate this step, it is a first step in the ladder of success, and a feasibility study, and study of all aspects of the project.

    No one does not participate, because the company, the legacy, the return that you the small projects would not be enough if, for example, the section on two independent work makes you free yourself, and your business is free for you.

    You must have the ability and talent of the Department of Labor, the administration is not easy, it is possible to lose the whole project, that lag behind in your mismanagement, strong action based on solid management, be firm with your employees that they found, and make them UNDERESTIMATE you.

    You should have faith and depend on Allah, because good faith is that make your business Mubarak from Allah Almighty. In conclusion, the idea of commercial projects is a brilliant idea, especially if you want to increase the chance of a decent life, and live a well-off society, good opportunities in life.